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Local Sorghum is killing people in Western Cape.

From the recipe we know from back home in rural area to what people are making in suburbs. during this covid 19 epidemic people learn to go back to they old way of how to make home made beer (sorghum). Then come greedy people are trying to spice it with adding few thing they not suppose to add.

The recipe for this beer are as follow.


Brown bread


Mixed with warm water.

local people are making money out of it.

Monday 01 June 20 people wake up like any other day to buy the beer that results to 4 Malawian man died after drinking the sorghum. also Zimbabwean man died and few still in Hospital number haven”t confirmed yet. anonymous source say there’s no side effect associate with this alcohol most people just die after drinking it. people might look really drunk and you might think its the alcohol that make them drunk that’s how they die.

Few weeks back in May we also had a case in Khayelitsha where family make this sorghum just for friend and three family members died of this beer.

Be careful what you drinking this lockdown.